The National Institute for African American Health will educate a range of health professionals in the nuanced healthcare demands of African Americans.

It has been well established that African Americans have the lowest life expectancy and the highest burden of chronic diseases. Some of these poor health outcomes are related to healthcare interactions that lack a range of competencies.

From bias and trust-issues to a poor understanding of the research-based nuanced needs of African Americans, healthcare providers are frequently poorly prepared for a patient interaction.

Through the participation in tailored on-line educational modules that address the myriad of important differences that impact African American healthcare outcomes, healthcare providers will participate in learning modules that will improve both their understanding of the African American patient perspective as well as best practices for improving outcomes. The modules will all include the fundamentals listed below:
• the historical influences
• provider bias dynamics
• patient bias influences
• national health outcomes data
• mental health & substance abuse dynamics
• nutritional differences and ways to improve health
• obesity perspectives and self-image differences
• cardiovascular health
• cancer screening & prevention

By giving healthcare providers an opportunity to learn “best perspectives and practices,” NIAAH will provide a “certified” status to the provider or organization that will serve to show their commitment to improving African American health.



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