NIAAH Scholar Program

Enrollment is now open for the NIAAH Scholars Program. Seeking African American pre-med and medical students currently enrolled in an accredited US medical school.

NIAAH Scholars Program

NIAAH Mentors Program

Seeking African American Physicians to provide mentorship and academic support for African American pre-med and medical students to help support the next generation of Black doctors.

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Increase the number of Black Physicians

NIAAH mentors and supports pre-med and medical students as they navigate the rigorous path to a practicing physician.


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Improve Clinical Care for African Americans

NIAAH educates providers on culturally competent care and helps patients who suspect inferior care advocate for themselves or their loved ones.

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Contribute to Better Health Outcomes for African Americans

NIAAH provides trusted health information tailored to the needs of our community.

Better Black Health